About me...

My name’s Mitch. I’m the father of two beautiful little girls and husband to my high school sweetheart. Born and raised right here in Hanover Co. I’ve spent my lifetime getting to know Central Virginia, and a bit of MD but we don’t need to dive into that dumpster fire. For as long as I can remember, I’ve been a builder at heart.

I’ve been in construction nearly my entire career. I worked in a fabrication shop while completing my Bachelors degrees at VCU. I went into college thinking I’d be an engineer but fell in love with physics and math. So I majored in those. I made my way up through the construction industry and ultimately landed my dream job of being a Superintendent at an international general contractor. 


My wife’s career took off, too. She’s AMAZING! Pretty soon, we found ourselves working much longer hours and struggling to make time for our little girls. SO… we decided I would take a step back from my career and be DAD.

That was two years ago. Its been incredible to see these two lil sweethearts blossom. Leaving the corporate construction world was just what we needed. All the while, building has still been on my mind. I knocked out a few big projects around the house. Built my wife an office in our attic. But I still longed for more. So I started helping a friend on the side with some small renovations. I consulted for a few companies and friends on their projects. I realized that all of these good people needed something that was so common in the commercial world: access to affordable debris removal.

So here I am with Commonwealth Dumpsters, at your disposal! An affordable, accessible option for commercial and residential clients alike. My years of experience in the industry have taught me the importance of planning, communication and, above all else, integrity.

I’m so excited to help you complete your project.

– Mitch

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